Radios From My Collection, Past & Present page 2

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Acratone Cathedral mod# 1938 ca.1931

Airline 62-508 ca.1940

Airline 62-317 ca.1937

Airline Bakelite AM/Shortwave w/ tuning eye 62-542 ca 1940

Crosley 817 ca. 1939

Detrola 147E ca.1938

Gilfillan model unknown

"The Falck" by Advance Electric (associated with Gilfillan) ca. 1931

Gilfillan/Jackson Bell model unknown ca.1931

McMurdo Silver Masterpiece III

RCA 6-X-8 ca.1955

RCA 56X ca.1945

Sentinel 284-NI Catalin Radio ca. 1947

Sovereign Jackson Bell ca. 1931

Sparton Equasonne 301 ca.1929

Sparton Equasonne 301 w/Doors open

Sparton 1567 Mirror Dial

Sparton 1567 Mirror Dial closeup

Stewart Warner R-1421-AS ca.1936

Zenith Tombstone 5-S-127 ca.1937

Zenith Tombstone 6-S-229 (new veneer) ca.1938

Zenith Tombstone S-829 chrome grille ca.1935

Zenith 8-S-359 ca.1939

Zenith Chairside 10-S-147 (Zephyr) ca.1937

Zenith H-511w ca.1951

Detrola 100 ca.1936

Stewart Warner R-1461 ca.1937

Zenith 7-S-562 ca.1941

Packard Bell 48E "Deluxe" ca.1939

Zenith 12-U-159 Ca.1937 Uncommon all Burl Walnut Cabinet, original finish

Zenith 8-S-661 Ca.1942

Zenith 4-T-26 AM Tombstone Radio Ca.1936

Zenith 10-S-130 Tombstone Radio Ca.1937

Zenith 7-S-363 AM/Shortwave Radio Ca.1939

Zenith 12-S-370 Shutterdial AM/Shortwave Radio Ca.1939

Zenith 8-S-463 AM/Shortwave Console Ca.1940 (original finish)

Zenith 6-D-538 Ca.1941 Electronically restored and refinished

Zenith 12-U-158 Am/Shortwave Radio Ca.1937 (restored by Richard D.)

Sparton 1167 AM/Shortwave Ca.1937

RCA 10-T-1 Ca.1936 Electronically restored, Original finish